Thursday, July 27, 2017

AW Aw aw
Amy Winehouse

 "Born in the south of France, Sandy has a passion for the entertainment.

For Sandy, it's obvious that performing is part of her life. So she has joined
The "Conservatoire de Toulon" .
Sandy Resembles AMY WINEHOUSE. With Just her Natural look.

Due to this similarity, she participated in a show on French Television.
"Heartbreaking, bluffing" are the adjectives attributed to Sandy Amy Love,

Chosen from 400 candidates and elected by Telespectators in Christophe
Dechavanne's show (french well known entertainer), and claimed the
winning of "Who will be the best lookalike 2012 tonight?". (Qui sera le
meilleur sosie 2012 ce soir ?)

Her 50-minute show will transport you into the world of The Legend That Is
Amy Winehouse.

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