Thursday, July 27, 2017


Naestro was born on the 1st February in 1989 in Martigues (south of france area), He began the practice of martial arts (Karate) which he gained many titles by:

- Being champion of Provence (several times)

- Being champion to the Mediterranean games in Malta (gold medal)

- Being champion of France (three times)

Later on, he has started to be focus on sharper sports like the free Fight, in which he excels by integrating the “top French TEAM”. When he turned 18 years old, he won the battleground 10’s tournament in England.

Keeping going in that physical preparation during a year, he victoriously gained the tournaments super fight and the one’s of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Marseille.

He has created three companies from 2011 to 2013, he was so much invested at work, that he had to put on the side his passion for martial arts.

In 2014, he has discovered with surprise his talent of tenor singer while singing in karaokes just for fun by hanging out with friends; the spectators were totally speechless.

Thanks to his singing teacher’s , he chose the lyric style through the Opera as an obviousness. He has been noticed very quickly by professionals who have contacted him for his first TV show (the 10th edition of France's Got Talent”).

He has impressed the crowd and the jury regarding the contrast between his breadth by his martial art background and the softness of the Opera. Then, he did catch up all the public attention step by step by his attaching personality that he releases naturally.

He achieved what it was never made until then in this TV show: he obtained two “golden” buzz!!!

His vocal performances enabled him to share the scene of a French singer, Hélène Sagara, during her live concert at the place called "Les Folies Bergères" in Paris. This experiment brought to this little boy “NAESTRO” in this artistic world, to stand in for “the famous” singer Tenor, Andrea Bocelli… Since then, his singer career has been launched…


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