Thursday, July 27, 2017

wes madiko
Wes Madiko

Wes Madiko Author - Producer - Writer (born January 15, 1964), better known as Wes, is a Cameroonian musician. 

He is probably best known among Western audiences for "In Youpendi", a song from The Lion King II soundtrack, as well as work with Deep Forest and his own 1997 hit "Alane". 

In 2002, Paramount Pictures invited Wes to perform in the movie The Wild Thornberry, and his song Awa Awa was on the soundtrack. This song was also included in the soundtracks for the German movies Falsche Partner and Ein Fall Fuer Zwei. Alane was used in the German films Zahn Um Zahn and Aus Heiterem Himmel.

As of late 2010 up until the present, wes was working on a new project with electronic composer and producer Paul Kwitek. 

2013 – Wes Madiko becomes Africa's Ambassador for Michael Jackson's Family Foundation.

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