Thursday, July 27, 2017

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Clare Sloane

Clare is a lively, versatile presenter who has worked in many areas from live events to corporate videos, roadshows and live television. Clare has skills in autocue, green screen and open and closed talkback.

Being creative she can lend herself to many types of shows and always thrives on the thrill of live television or working with a live audience. Having a background as an actress, when Clare isn't busily working, she loves to go to the theatre, especially enjoying The Royal Shakespeare Company and West End musicals. Reading and music are also two of Clare's passions and on a more physical note, going to the gym.

Clare is a highly regarded television and live event presenter whose varied work includes some of the UK's largest consumer shows, broadcasting, corporate work and product launches. Clare is a chameleon in her work adapting to each type of show she is working on. 

"The irrepressible, ebullient, Clare Sloane is without doubt a force of nature, always oozing energy and enthusiasm." Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen

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